Event Venues Auckland

  • Elvin ruins
    Theres nothing better than chilling at the bar feeling like your in the elvin landscape.
  • garden screens
    its wet outside but gosh its warm inside now, brief break of sunshine between the summer rains last year.
  • Birds eye view of dancing floor
    If you were a little finch, sitting up in our basket, this is how you would see the dance floor
  • Tropical garden boardwalk
    this is the first view of the garden the guests get when they enter the venue
  • entrance screens
    Our screens by the driveway side of the shed
  • S & Y arch decoration with mural
    Dont the flowers go well with the elvin wall!
  • scent walk over pond view
    this is our swimming pond we (and the grooms) use over summer. The Red warratah popping its head into the pic.
  • scent walk view
    our alternative path around the bridal stairwell showcasing the beautiful red abutilon
  • top/left arch decor
    Bridell creating her magic on one of our arch decoration styles using cafe au lait dahlias as the focals
  • Pick Your Own Day
    Last year we trialed a pick your own bouquet day mixed with BYO lunch and relax in our table settings for Valentines Day
  • Under the avos
    We have plenty of room here, no-one needs to stand apart from the wedding party!
  • The grand stairs
    As you can see our brides have all eyes on them as they make their slow entrance down the staircase
  • gazebo romance
    One of our beautiful couples we were privileged to have here
  • Swing seats
    Our younger guests are usually the first to flock to our swingseats, surrounding our fire pit.
  • Drive way family shot
    Why not stop on the way in and take a photo even?
  • Burnout
    A classic local tradition...
  • White Washed
    One of our bridal bouquets a top of a pew
  • Board walk
    Our Board walk brings you in from the car park, hiding everything that the gardens offer behind the tropical planting
  • Bride in nature
    As you can see sometimes nature takes over even our larger structures
  • Bridal Garden
    In January our Bridal Garden is at full pace bursting with cream and white flowers

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